18mm Swarovski Rivoli

Create unforgettable designs with luxurious Swarovski crystal beads and pendants. Swarovski Elements are crafted in Austria to the highest standards of European quality . With captivating sparkle, uniform colors, and precision cut facets, Swarovski Elements are considered among the finest crystal products in the world.
The Rivoli Stones #1122 are round stones that are pointed on both sides. They are popular as stones to put into settings and also as an element of a beaded jewellery design.
18mm Swarovski Rivoli in Crystal (Foiled)  (No hole)

18mm Swarovski Rivoli - Crystal (Foiled) (No hole)

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18mm Swarovski Rivoli in Crystal AB (Foiled)  (No hole)

18mm Swarovski Rivoli - Crystal AB (Foiled) (No hole)

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