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Seed Beads

Admired and used by discerning beaders the world over, Japanese-made glass Miyuki beads are renowned for their uniform shape and colour, and prized for their vivid range of colours and the shapes available. Ranging from tiny 15/0 Seed Beads through to 4mm Miyuki Cubes we have just the bead for your jewellery project.

Crystals and Ice Bead Shop now stocks the exciting Czech two-hole Preciosa Twin seed bead. The oval shape of the new two-hole seed bead has dimensions of 2.5 x 5 mm and offers much more creativity and possibilities.

Seed beads are traditionally sized by the inch, with the size being an indicator of the number of beads per inch.

15/0 - 1.5mm - 0.059 inch
11/0 - 2.1mm - 0.083 inch
8/0 - 3.0mm - 0.118 inch
6/0 - 4.0mm - 0.157 inch

Need thread for beading? Find it in the Stringing Materials section!

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