Starman Printed Patterns

Starman Printed Patterns: Due to copyright stipulations we're unfortunately not allowed by to offer these patterns by CzechMates / Starman as digital downloads. However, the patterns below can be sent to you free of charge with any order containing an Item from the CzechMates system, so please do go ahead and add one (maximum of three per order) to your shopping cart and well print it out for you and post it off with your order.

Items in the CzechMates system are: Tiles, Bricks, Lentils, Two Hole Daggers, Crescents, Two Hole Triangles, Bars and QuadraLentils and QuadraTiles.

Please note that we're unable to prevent these patterns being added to orders that don't contain a qualifying item, but we will be unable to include the pattern with your order.