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Multi-Hole Beads

CzechMates Multi Hole Beads

CzechMates Tiles, Bricks, Lentils, Two Hole Daggers, Crescents, Two Hole Triangles, Two Hole Bars, Three Hole Beams, Two Hole Cabochons, Single Hole Prong Beads.

Other Multi Hole Beads

SuperDuo, SuperUno, MiniDuo, Rulla Beads, Tipp Beads and Two Hole Pyramid Beads.
DiamonDuo Beads, Two Hole Candy Beads, Chilli Beads, HoneyComb Beads, Two Hole Sillky Beads, Kheops Par Puca, Miyuki Tila, Kites, GemDuo, Nib-Bits.